Sweet Mother Logic is an innovative, genre-bending, instrumental free-for-all, colliding a rocket-powered string duet with vintage keyboards and guitar over jagged drums to produce what the Montreal Mirror described as "tightly wound with vigorous energy and engaging, original melodies" with "a penchant for wordless tale-telling." Both on stage and in the studio, Sweet Mother Logic has received universal praise from critics and listeners. The Montreal Gazette described the band's performance at last year's Pop Montreal as one of their "favourite sets of the festival so far...a sprawling vocals-free extravaganza, at turns soaring and pounding www.iqbroker-sg.com/."

      On November 3, Sweet Mother Logic celebrated the release of their second full-length album, Natural History. In contrast to their previous album Sweet Mother Logic, the band took full advantage of the unique musical rapport that defines their live shows by recording in a live format, with only sparse embellishment by guest musicians. The result is a fast-moving, genre-defying adventure over 9 tracks with an unparalleled ability to blend catchy toe-tapping pop with the compositional complexity of classical music.

      The Ascension Island EP can be heard extensively in the current season of the TV show "Departures" on OLN and the National Geographic Channel.


"Fantastic!" -Duke Eatmon, Homerun, CBC Radio 2 buy UNI

"One of my favourite sets of the festival so far. This local band put on a sprawling vocals-free post-rock/jazz (post-jazz?) extravaganza, at turns soaring and pounding." -Alana Coates, The Gazette

"Excellent production, warm sonorities and spirited playing." -Steve Lalla, The Hour

"Tightly wound with vigorous energy and engaging, original melodies... a penchant for wordless tale-telling and an album with a thematic thread" Rupert Bottenberg, The Mirror

"Ascension Island progressively moves through the tracks bridging smooth melodies with chaotic climaxes that keep listeners on the edge of their seats." -The Link buy Aave